Info on Threshold s/150

I know there are lot of you with this amp or info on this amp. Need to know if this is tube or ss amp? I looked up the web site but only the new stuff shows. Thanks and happy listening. Bret
Just found out a little more on this unit. I was trying to compare it to a Aragon4004. Was told both were similar. Any thoughts on this? Thanks
Threshold in my opinion blows away Aragon by a far margin. All Threshold is solid state. The S150 is a class A/B amplfier producing 90 Watts RMS at 8 ohms per channel. It has 8 high speed 200 volt,20 amp rated devices per channel.Power supply is a 400 watt toroidal transformer,30,000 microFarads capacitace.Frequency response is -3db;7Hz an 100,000Hz. Gain factor +26.6 db.Operation is allowed into any load as permtted by power supply fuses and thermal protection. All Threshold Amps were required to pass a dead short test,both before and after the initial 3 day factory burn in into a 2 ohm load. Needless to say all Threshold products must pass the most severe test,before they wear the Threshold label.
I thought the S-150 was 75 WPC.I had the S-200 which was 100 WPC.Very nice solid state amp,great sound,nice tingling highs and slamming bass nice vocals and mids.I now have the Class A SA-3 which is about 60 WPC in class A..I have an audiofile buddy who told me that Aragon is a nice amp.But I can tell you the THRESHOLD is no slouch.Has a nice sound that you wont get tired of and without the hassle of tubes.