Inherited 21 piece of vintage McIntosh and need help building a system

Hello.  I was fortunate enough to inherit a huge collection of mac stuff from my uncle, but although an audiophile, I'm out of my element with vintage stuff.  Here is a list of what I have to work with:

C28 preamp

two C20, stereo tube preamp

two C8's mono tube preamp

MC2002, Solid state amp

MC2200, Solid state amp

MR67, FM Stereo Tube Tuner

MR 71, FM Stereo Tube Tuner

MR74, tuner

MX 112, tuner preamp

1700 tuner

1900 tuner

MA5100, integrated amp

two MC 60's, tube amp

MC 240, 40WPC amp

MC 250, 50WPC amp

Sansui 500A

Dynaco SCA-35

HK A220


Linn axis turn table

Technics SL-1950 turntable

Mac XL10 speakers

Utah A70-A speakers

Any suggestions on what the best pairing would be out of these?  I can't use all of it so some will be posted once I get a system built.

Thanks for the help,


The absolute best place  for the Mac 60's is my living room . Sorry for your loss . An audiophile friend of mine runs two systems , and each of his children have a system to learn from . Vintage tuners are always in need of an alingement amongst other things . But the amps and pre amps that you have are nice . Find a local Mac Daddy to advise you and can continue an American Legecy , your uncle will be smiling from Heaven 😊.
The folks on will be very happy to help you sort things out, especially in the McIntosh forum....
Audio classics! Give them a call!  They are awesome to work with as the other folks on here said.
Almarg nailed it.

All you need is a variable AC voltage source, generically called a Variac. And a couple of garage sale speakers to load your amplifiers, or a couple of 50 watt 15 ohm resistors, or better yet, both. Do an initial powerup with the resistors in place of the speakers, ramping up the voltage slowly as Al suggested, let the amp cook, power the amp down, then connect the garage sale speakers. Don’t hazard your inherited speakers until you know the amps are working.

Good luck - although you’ve already had a good slice of it!