Inherited a pair of JBL 4350 -- Need Advice

I am taking some inventory of some of my father’s audio collection.

Noticed a pair of JBL 4350’s -- all speakers in great condition.

However, no grilles... and they appear to have been used in commercial setting. As the cabinet is painted black, with a few mounting points integrated.

Does anyone know if there would be a market for these 4350’s?



Any insight is appreciated -- happy listening!


OMG, Those JBL 4350s would be great in a large room or home theater. Wow! I cannot imagine that you will have them for long if put up for sale. Grills can be made without much pain. 

4350s are wonderful speakers. They don’t have the best imaging in the world, but they are accurate, powerful, relaxed, and unbelievably dynamic. I own them, along with Array 1400, Everest 67000, Revel Salon 2, and several others, and I have no interest in selling them. They are just great. They are the Holy Grail, the ultimate for vintage JBL fans.