Inherited vintage equipment please help!

Dad passed away last year who had several items that I know little of and I am a new dad as well trying to organize a lot in life.

Can you please help on relative value if anything is in demand and best course of action to unload.

He had a modified Dynaco Stereo 70 redone by American Hybrid Technology Dan Fanny who we have known for decades.

He also had a Berning  Ea230 amp Magneplanar MG2 pair Infiniti Reference 12 subwoofers Marantz Model 27 and some other odds and ends discontinued Russian Tubes emerald cabling ribbon tweeters AHT NOS cases

Please assist in any way possible or if any interest please message as well!

Thank you in advance!

The Berning is a cult Classic. I remember Walt Bender in Absolute Sound calling it an Ersatz Marantz 8B. Had one once and it was very sweet
el34 based amp.
Incorrect.  The Berning EA230 used four 6JN6 Compactron beam-power pentodes strapped into triode configuration.  Driver stage was 2 12AT7s and 1 6SN7GTB.  

No EL-34s in the amp whatsoever.

I own one.