Initial impressions of the new PS Audio "Windom" download?

There has not been many comments on the new Windom download yet, unlike when Snowmass was first introduced. I'm not sure what to make of this; plus, there have been a few concerning comments about about treble brightness. I'm sitting on the fence right now, so I'm hoping for some helpful and informative comments.
The music is not the only improvement ! I loaded Bubble UnPn and for some reason its far better then Mconnect !

 The depth and dead space between instruments is far better than Snowmass.  Percussion in the classical sense should have slam and dry fast decay not muddy subwoofer thump and pant leg moving lag ! WINDOM does this for my system.
My system sounded really good with snowmass but after this recent firmware upgraded its holy crap  good. My system was always a bit to revealing at times and highs a little too edgy. Now it’s just silky smooth with way better imaging and almost 3d surround like effect. I dont know what they did over there but they did it right.
All I will say about Windom upgrade is: Holy Algorithms! I have been at this for decades and I rarely have heard such a jump in audikle improvement from anything -- component, playback media or software. It really is magic.  Neal
I feel the same way.  To get a new DAC, via free firmware update, every year or so is kinda unbelievable.  
@nglazer, I agree; but, knowing how big of a jump it was from Snowmass to Windom, can you imagine how good the next update is going to be!?!