Initial impressions of the new PS Audio "Windom" download?

There has not been many comments on the new Windom download yet, unlike when Snowmass was first introduced. I'm not sure what to make of this; plus, there have been a few concerning comments about about treble brightness. I'm sitting on the fence right now, so I'm hoping for some helpful and informative comments.
@nglazer, I agree; but, knowing how big of a jump it was from Snowmass to Windom, can you imagine how good the next update is going to be!?!
I expect there will come a time when Ted cannot keep outdoing himself at this level, but it hasn't happened yet and I hope it doesn't for the foreseeable future! Neal
Not a fan of Windom in my setup (Accuton Cell based drivers and TEAD Linear A/Pass Labs XA25).  Although a clear step forward in terms of air, resolution, separation and detail, it now sounds somewhat artificial, hard and bright.  I prefer the more "creamy" and relaxed presentation of Snowmass.