@inna Tell me your speakers and I'll tell you who you are

@inna. You said: "Tell me what speakers you choose and why and I'll tell you who you are."
ESL57. Love their see-through transparency. Fire away!
Tell me what speakers you choose and why ....
Daedalus Ulysses, in quarter sawn white oak solid hardwood.


1)Top-notch sound quality.
2)Wide dynamic range, specifically the ability to cleanly reproduce the peaks of well-recorded classical symphonic music, which on some of the recordings in my collection can reach 105 db at the listening position.
3)Doesn’t require a high-powered amplifier to do so.
4)Doesn’t require a subwoofer.
5)Tube-friendly impedance characteristics; great versatility with respect to amplifier selection.
6)Good imaging.
7)Elegant, refined appearance that is a reasonable match to my wood-panelled 1950s living room.
8)A price that is considerably less than that of a new car.

-- Al

Custom ETON Arcosia and Symphony II based Tyler Acoustic D1X. Why? Wanted a sound customized to my tastes and to own something unique. I was able to bypass the insane markup that would have come with getting a brand name speaker with drive units of this quality.
Vandersteen 4A - because they were one of the best all round performers back in the late 80s /early 90s despite the tri wire/biamping complexity

Martin Logan (original) CLS - because the mid range is sooo perfect on acoustic material - jazz, classical, and voice.

Wilson Maxx 2 - because they were the biggest slice of full range reality I could afford.

What pigeonhole do I fit into - I still use and enjoy them all.
Daedalus Argos V2s in walnut solid hardwood

1) a speaker that would work with both SET and parallel push tube amps, as well as solid state. 
2) sound quality, dynamic range and imaging
3) furniture grade cabinet craftsmanship