@inna Tell me your speakers and I'll tell you who you are

@inna. You said: "Tell me what speakers you choose and why and I'll tell you who you are."
ESL57. Love their see-through transparency. Fire away!
The biggest challenge with this approach, as I can see it, is that they can't take too much power and get overwhelmed. Michael himself acknowledges this.
So, if I listened to mostly orchestral and choral music, and hard rock, I would want something else, Gryphon speakers maybe.
With all of the pricey gear you discuss on the threads for some reason I was expecting your speakers to be on a cost no object level.
Not at all. But I am mostly interested in very high level equipment. I would also have no problem driving my $3k or so speakers with $16k Gryphon Diablo 300 or $25k Ypsilon Phaethon integrateds. And I do like Lansche speakers, whatever their design approach is. For now Redgum RGI120 integrated with Dominus power cord on it does a pretty good job in a medium size room. And I am now burning in a new $1500 retail interconnect that goes from $1200 phono stage. into the Redgum. Very promising. So I try to go as high as possible, but with speakers especially I see little for myself in the middle or I would've already upgraded. 
Design is one thing but I am impressed by how much sound you can get out of inexpensive speakers with good drivers with increasingly higher level electronics and cables, even leaving a decent but modest source untouched.

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