Innersound ESLs Amplifier

Are the Innersound ESLs Amps the best choice for drive my Martin Logan Aerius i? In the paper it looks like a great choise ( Are there other ESL optimized amps? For U$ 2,999 what are my other options to drive the ML Aerius i?
Thank you all.

I don't want to go with tubes or hibrid. I like to listen to music very loud and with deep bass (that's where my Velodyne helps the ML). Another thing, I'm in Brazil, so I'm unable to have tube service down here. I think SS is the way to go for me.

Maybe the Innersound really is my best choice.
Flavio, I just got the inneround electrostatic monos today and right out of the box they sounded excellent: fast, deep, deep bass, excellent soundstage, no grain. they are built like a tank, no humm at all, easy to handle, excellent literature and Roger Sanders is kind and very helpful. I bet, that you will get nothing better for the money and my Quads started to bloom. Get it, you cannot do bettter. They easily -stone cold and new - surpassed a pair of Gryphon monoblocs at $20.000 the pair.... and they don't get hot! Buy them, if you run stators. for that money, there is nothing better. Cheers,
Are the monoblocks the same price as the stereo esl amp? How do the monoblocks differ from the stereo esl amp? I'm using a Odyssey Stratos amp and have been wondering how the extra power would benefit my system. My system is: Cary 303/100 cdp -> Coincident cst ic. -> Rogue 66 pre -> Coincident cst ic. -> Odyssey Stratos w/ cap upgrade -> AP Oval 9 biwired -> Magnepan 1.6 qr. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.