Innous Zen Mini MK 3

Here goes, another streamer thread. Does anyone have any experience with this streamer, specifically with the internal DAC. The Mini is at the top of my price range and, for now, I would like to avoid buying an external DAC. How would it compare to the internal DAC in the Node 2i?
As an aside I like that the Innous has a CD ripper, but I could do without one.
Kind of odd, but my Orchid came with a power cord. I was not expecting one, as I already had an aftermarket cord.
Hi chrizola-

The DAC I bought is XiangSheng DAC 05B, thru Amazon.  Was $399.  Has both a SS output stage and tubed output stage using a NOS GE 5670.  I only had one other DAC to compare it to and that was the ZEN Mini's built-in DAC, and the XS is clearly better, so I've kept it.  Perhaps will try another DAC one day.
I prefer the SS output from this DAC btw.  
JIm: What 'Chinese' DAC did you purchase ?

I'm here to tell you I'm thrilled that the performance of  my
'Chi-Fi' Gutard X-22 (ESS 9038pro X1 chip) and the considerably
less expensive SMSL SU-8V2 (9038Q X2 chip).

Via USB input -via Pi 3B + (running Volimio), either DAC is excellent, the X-22 the more sophisticated sounding.

AND, again via USB (the only Input on HRT) , the amazing HRT II+,III or HD DAC's are astonishing. Whether 24/96, 24/192 matters not. Supply the HRT's the Raspberry Pi's 2.5/3A P/S (wall-wart) and you''ll honestly, genuinely marvel and the spectacular SQ -astonishingly impressive. 


I have a ZEN Mini 3 that I am experiencing some confusion about. I want to be able to access via my Windows 10 and Android controllers two SSHD that contain my previously ripped CD collection. These drives are USB connected to my Baetis Prodigy 2  audio computer which is Cat 7 Ethernet connected to my router. I am told by Baetis support that these drives can be relocated from the Baetis and USB connected to the routers USB connections which will enable them to be accessed on my network.

Innous support states that "Regarding using the Mini as a DLNA renderer, that is not possible - the Mini is only a DLNA server".
 Yet, according to the reviews @ Darko & @ Audio Beatnik, this process is possible.
Obviously, I would think the the manufacturer would be correct, and that is where my confusion is...Here below are the review excerpts supporting this claim...

Excerpts from Darko and Audi Beatnik reviews of the Innuos Zen Mini 3

...It will also stream from local network storage…

...It works as a Roon Core or Roon Endpoint, as well as supporting UPnP mode...

...It can also stream from a local network storage – whether that’s a dedicated NAS or just a network share on your PC/Mac/Linux machine...

...Simply point a web browser at and it will automatically find any ZEN devices on the same network. From there, we can rip CDs, manage the library, back it up to an external location or switch between several modes of operation: Roon Ready, Roon Core, UPnP and Squeezebox Server...

...Users with existing libraries can import their collection via network transfer or direct USB drive attachment...

So can anyone give me guidance of another way to accomplish this task or enlighten me to something I might obviously be missing? 

Thanx guys, "Mooncrikit"

I’ve been on the fence trying to decide on a streamer, leaning toward Innuous (but also considering Auralic G2 or Lumin D2) and my budget is say between 2-4k. Have seen the subjective reviews favoring the Innuous over the Auralic and vice versa. Not interested in BlueSound Node2i.

My current chain is 4TB external HD for my local files connected to Macbook and spotify playing over wifi/Airplay to an Airport in the other room is connected to my DAC with an AudioQuest Forest Optilink TOSLINK Cable (my DAC doen’t accept USB in). My DAC is a Prism Sound Lyra 2 (its my ADC for ripping vinyl), but it doesn't have USB in. None of this ideal.

When looking at the Innuous, among other things, one of the main jumps from the Zen Mini to the Zen is the power supply of course (mini you have to use a wallwart or purchase their external PSU) whereas the Zen has a dual linear internal. I do happen to have a Paul Hynes SR4T power supply that I am using on my turntable, but since I’ve upgraded there too, I will have the Hynes free to use elsewhere - so was thinking perhaps trying the Zen Mini and using the SR4T there in lieu of buying their extra PSU. I don’t really have the cashflow to buy more than 1 unit and do an A/B, so I’m curious if anyone has A) tried the Zen Mini with PSU outside of the Innuous brand, and B) has anyone compared the Zen Mini w/ their PSU to the Zen?