Innovative Autio in NYC just hung up on me

Being they are one of two dealers for StromTank, and being I would like to buy one, I called Innovative Audio in NYC and was greeted by a woman who insisted on keeping her voice loud and when I told her she was yelling at me, hung up on me!  

I guess this is why in my 50 years in HiFi, I NEVER shopped at Innovative Audio Video Showrooms.  I can order the unit directly from Alex, and I am.  It would have been nice to go for a listen.  StromTank should STRONGLY consider these yokels selling for them.


I went there for a visit last spring.  I found the owner to be very friendly. I was supposed to meet a friend but I got days mixed up and ended up there w/o an invite during covid. I told them what happened and I am not there to buy. He let me browse and listen to a few systems. Chatted for a bit.  Tried to sell me a $15k DAC, but hey that’s what he is in business for.  No idea why someone would hang up on you. I would have called back and asked for manager. 

Perhaps she was having a bad day, she’s only human…..did you try calling back later and ask for the owner?  Everyone deserves a second chance before you put the whole business on blast.  I agree that someone misbehaved, just not sure who.

It’s NY other than being assaulted on the way to the store what did you expect!!

Lyrics other store in White Plains NY would always let me take gear home to try out. Harvey sound would do the same! Those days are long gone!