Innuos 2.1.0 upgrade

I note that there is a Sense upgrade 2.1.0  available in "public beta" for the last 8 days. It will not let my Zen mk II upgrade. Can any members who are in the "public beta" group comment on this upgrade? Also, I notice the "insights" have almost disappeared. I hope Nuno V. will enlighten us again soon.


I installed the version 2.1.0 yesterday on my STATEMENT. All my tracks come from TIDAL appear with the sign " ! " (exclamation point) and the title of the track. but now its impossible to read and listen them. Somedy had this problem? can tell me how to resolved. Since I bought the STATEMENT i registered many tracks. It's a big job and now it's look that I have to rebegin???????? I wrote to INNUOS SUPPORT and i wait an answer.


After 1 day the problem was resolved. I think it takes some hours to reinstalled all the tracks.

 If there is no difference in sound quality then I am hearing it differently.

I hesitate to make pronouncements on changes I can't double check; but the update sounds more organic to me, if that description means anything to someone else.

 Ok I was hearing it differently, one of my subs lost power coincidently with the upgrade.  I don't appreciate any change now.