Innuos 2.1.0 upgrade

I note that there is a Sense upgrade 2.1.0  available in "public beta" for the last 8 days. It will not let my Zen mk II upgrade. Can any members who are in the "public beta" group comment on this upgrade? Also, I notice the "insights" have almost disappeared. I hope Nuno V. will enlighten us again soon.


After 1 day the problem was resolved. I think it takes some hours to reinstalled all the tracks.

 If there is no difference in sound quality then I am hearing it differently.

I hesitate to make pronouncements on changes I can't double check; but the update sounds more organic to me, if that description means anything to someone else.

 Ok I was hearing it differently, one of my subs lost power coincidently with the upgrade.  I don't appreciate any change now.

Wanted to post about great service experience I had with Innuos performing this update.  I got an unexpected error message initially and emailed their support group.  This was late at night US EST and wasn't expecting a response for 1 to 2 business days.  I got a reply within 30 minutes and provided some additional information and went to bed.  Checked my email the next morning and had missed a request to do a remote live session with the support group to troubleshoot issue.  Figured I would do a restart/reboot prior to coordinating session which resolved the issue without me needing additional support.  Not sure this could have been handled any better and continue to be very pleased with my Zen Mk3.  Thanks.