Innuos: A Cautionary Tale.

This post is a cautionary one in buying a Zen Mini used. I bought a four-week-old unit from a reputable seller. Unfortunately, the unit failed the first week and thus began a long and unfortunate set of events. If and this is critical one is to buy a used or second-hand unit the only way is from a dealer. Innuos customer service was next to useless and was simply dismissive. The lead designer could not connect with the unit, remotely, as the Ethernet port was the source of the problem, to reach him took multiple emails and a phone call, International,  over several days. After the unit was determined to have failed, several more emails were required to find out the next step. I was instructed, “go to the dealer you bought it from.” Hence the crux of the problem, I had no dealer to go to. I asked more than once to inform me where the unit was bought from, no response.

The seller would also not provide where he bought it from, so much for reputation. I was in an endless, time-consuming, and expensive circle. I reached out again to the lead designer, again after a clear and detailed email, explaining my dilemma, the response was clear: “send it to the dealer.” Fortunately, I was able to go through PayPal dispute the charge and receive a refund minus shipping costs.  

The unit when it worked was musical and engaging. My decision to go with another manufacturer was not a difficult one. So if one is to buy an Innuos please only go with a dealer.   Mike at Tweek Geek is a man of integrity and willingness to help.

Demos OR refurbs factory warranty.

Dunno Bryston bit PS Audio has easy registration page with date & S/N.
@fuzztone  Agreed.  I bought a second hand Mano and Magna dealt with my issue promptly and professionally.  
Sorry for your experience with used Innuos. I just purchased a used Innuos Statement, and was having some challenges connecting it to my NAS and transferring my existing Roon license over to it.
Sent an email to their support link on the web page, and received a wonderfully detailed helpful email back within 24 hours from the North American sales manager.
My unit booted up, and found my network, etc. Hopefully I'll be able to connect it to my system, and enjoy improved performance.
My initial experience with their customer service is outstanding.
I am glad to know that your experience did not reflect mine, especially given your investment.