Innuos OS Update 2.6.3

Is there a list anywhere of what benefits the update is providing? Just received the update today. Thanks


From the Innuos website:

InnuOS - release 2.6.3

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    Stephen Healy
  • on 29-04-2024


  • - Improved Artist Official Discography display for Qobuz
  • - Now it is possible to create and play playlists with up to 10000 tracks
  • - Now it is possible to add a NAS shared folder without scanning it immediately
  • - Now it is possible to edit Qobuz playlists directly in Sense

Bug fixes and improvements

  • - Solved issues when importing Playlists with NAS tracks
  • - Solved issues regarding splitting a compilation album where the original album would disappear
  • - Fixed issue where Sense App was not finding a server on the network if server is not connected to the Internet
  • - Fixed issues in Factory Reset when using languages other than English
  • - Fixed issue accessing long playlists that caused the wrong playlist to be displayed
  • - Fixed issue that caused the wrong information to be displayed when editing several Artists in succession
  • - Fixed issue in update if the system was in Endpoint mode where the Home Page would be displayed
  • - Fixed issues when importing a playlist that cause the operation to fail if a track could not be processed
  • - Improved the performance for library operations, namely editing artists and deleting NAS albums
  • - Improved streaming service login and account management
  • - Improved user experience for creating a new Playlist for a streaming service
  • - Improved the virtual keyboard experience when searching Albums, Artists, Tracks and Playlists
  • - Improved shuffle time for TIDAL playlists
  • - Improvements on Contact Support on innuOS

I am up to date on my Zen mk II OS. However my Sense app on my Android phone seems to be v 1.0.12. Could someone check that this is a current version? Thanks!

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