Innuos owners: Possible to rip audio from blu-ray?

I've been searching around online and haven't found an answer on this. I have a new audio box set which includes 4 audio CDs and a blu-ray that has a 5.1 mix as well as 2 different 2 channel masters of the original record. I would like to get these 2 channel masters into my Innuos Zen so I can access them in my 2 channel system versus having to listen through my home theater system. 

Has anyone had any luck ripping 2 channel audio from blu-ray using the Innuos ripping function? Or does it only work for audio CD ripping? 
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I would be greatly surprised if the Innuous (or any other proprietary streamer) can do this.

It requires a BD disc drive and software that can remove the copy protection block before ripping and extracting the audio. It can be done but you will likely need additional hardware and software.
Thanks, it seems you are correct. I was hoping there may be a way since it's only 2 channel audio but the blu ray format is obviously different tech than CD audio.
If you have a BD drive in your PC, you may be able to use that for ripping.