Innuos owners: Possible to rip audio from blu-ray?

I've been searching around online and haven't found an answer on this. I have a new audio box set which includes 4 audio CDs and a blu-ray that has a 5.1 mix as well as 2 different 2 channel masters of the original record. I would like to get these 2 channel masters into my Innuos Zen so I can access them in my 2 channel system versus having to listen through my home theater system. 

Has anyone had any luck ripping 2 channel audio from blu-ray using the Innuos ripping function? Or does it only work for audio CD ripping? 
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Thanks, it seems you are correct. I was hoping there may be a way since it's only 2 channel audio but the blu ray format is obviously different tech than CD audio.
If you have a BD drive in your PC, you may be able to use that for ripping.
I'm unfamiliar with the Innuous system, so I will answer in the generic sense.

The short answer is yes, this is possible.  But you might need to combine a couple different tools to pull this off.

First, you need to extract the data from the Blu-Ray disc into a file on your computer.  That file is referred to as a container, and holds video and audio streams.  Common container formats include MP4 and MKV.  Personally, I would choose MKV because it's more flexible and compatible with more audio formats.

I use MakeMKV to rip Blu-Ray or DVD discs into an MKV container.

Next, you'll need software to extract the particular audio stream that you're interested in from the MKV file.  My choice here would be ffmpeg, which can manipulate just about any aspect of audio or video data that you can imagine.  But it's not for the faint at heart; there is a significant learning curve.

I'm sure there is more user-friendly software for accomplishing this, but ffmpeg is the one that I am aware of that is capable of this.

So the bottom line is that this can be accomplished with a computer that has a blu-ray drive and the appropriate software.