InnuOS Sense 2.6.0.

The update contains a major upgrade to Sound quality. My Zenith Mk3 sings like never before. Any similar experiences?



You may experience digital clipping. Try and turn down the volume on the server and up on the dac by using the sense volume bar. Hopefully that helps.


I have not experienced what you have.

If you are using a pre-amp, try keeping the Sense app volume at 100%, and control the volume only with your preamp. Hope this helps.

@antigrunge2 @jon2020 - Thanks for the advice! I ended up turning up the volume to 100% on the Innuos ZENith and used the LTA preamp exclusively for volume. That seems to have made a difference… I don’t quite understand why, but it made a positive difference. 





By turning up the volume of your Zenith to 100%, you eliminate digital grunge and/or loss of digital resolution when all volume control duties are transferred to analog via your preamp.

Nice preamp, by the way.


@jon2020 - Thank you for your help. The system sounds fantastic with the new Innuous software! 

After putting the LTA preamp in my system I’ve lost interest in preamps. It was so revelatory and transformational that I can’t envision replacing it with anything else. The LTA Microzotl preamp is simply the bomb - it’s so, so good!