Innuos Zen vs Pulse

Probably too early to tell, but anyone compared the two yet?

I have a Zen and was thinking of upgrading to Zenith. 

I don't need the drive, but playing off internal storage seems better quality than streaming off NAS (which I have and could use). 

Also seems the parts on Pulse are more in line with Zenith. 

But with Pulse it seems I'd have to tweak all the network stuff to get best results, eth cable, eno filter, switch, etc. vs just playing off internal storage. 


Thanks @nomorelandings I currently have a Zen MK3... been looking on used market for Zenith to get the upgraded power supply, etc. but I can get a really good deal on a new Pulse so had me thinking...

My gut tells me streaming off the internal drive (my own files) would be a tad better than streaming Qobuz (which I have as well)

Now that the Pulse has been out a while, and they are starting to show up on used market. 

Anyone seen any comparisons of the Pulse vs Zen MK3?

I'm also curious about this now. I've enjoyed a Zen mk3 for a few years now but I've moved over to almost all streaming. Am very curious how the Pulse or even Pulse Mini with LPSU compares to Zen mk 3 for strictly streaming.

I think Innuos is smart in staggering the models so Pulse and Zen don't quite directly compete with one another at the same price point. I have considered going with the Pulsar at some point but that's because I have no need for the features offered on the higher Zen models, which I'm sure are great devices as well. 

Actually, the Pulse and the Zen mk3 are almost the exact same price, which really begs the question which one is better for streaming. Since the pricing is so similar, one would think the Pulse would be. But I'm still curious if anyone has compared them