Innuos Zen vs Pulse

Probably too early to tell, but anyone compared the two yet?

I have a Zen and was thinking of upgrading to Zenith. 

I don't need the drive, but playing off internal storage seems better quality than streaming off NAS (which I have and could use). 

Also seems the parts on Pulse are more in line with Zenith. 

But with Pulse it seems I'd have to tweak all the network stuff to get best results, eth cable, eno filter, switch, etc. vs just playing off internal storage. 


I think Innuos is smart in staggering the models so Pulse and Zen don't quite directly compete with one another at the same price point. I have considered going with the Pulsar at some point but that's because I have no need for the features offered on the higher Zen models, which I'm sure are great devices as well. 

Actually, the Pulse and the Zen mk3 are almost the exact same price, which really begs the question which one is better for streaming. Since the pricing is so similar, one would think the Pulse would be. But I'm still curious if anyone has compared them

I have the Zen Mini Mk3 with a hotrodded Zen Mini PSU in my northern (England) pad and a Pulse Mini with same hotrodded Zen Mini PSU here in the midlands. I compared them for streaming and they sound identical to me into dCS into ATC actives. I’m assured that the PSU changes mean that my Minis are giving me at least as good sound quality as the full-fat Zen and Pulse.

Innuos will no doubt continue to refine/upgrade both models as they research new components etc and there may well be an offset between implementing that in one and doing so in the other, but this will be due to stock levels of current versions as much as anything. I’ve seen no evidence that they are deliberately differentiating based on sonic performance for some reason and can’t imagine what business logic might compel them to do that...

Basically, the Pulse range is the Zen range without the internal storage; it’s an appropriate and cost-effective response to the obvious market demand for a pure streamer "without the cost and complexity of storage I will never use" as some would say.

I’d buy whichever suits with full confidence in its sound quality. Myself, I’m looking forward to moving up both ranges as funds allow.

@nigeltheflash thanks for posting. Good info. I was wondering if I should trade my Zen 3 in for a Pulse since I only stream these days, but sounds like I can be assured I won't realize a lot of tangible benefit by doing that. Which is comforting for my FOMO lol. Not to mention my wallet. Happy keeping my Zen for now.