Innuos Zenith can't connect to my.innuos


Just took my new Innuos Zenith Mk III out of the box and hooked it up to an ethernet
port on my router to my Win 10 desktop and can see it fine (including its empty file
folders, lol) but as soon as I try to go to to begin fw d/l and setup, their
page says no Innuos server found.  I guess they can't see my i.p. address so I've tried
re-starting the Mk III, turning off my A/V, checking and turning off auto port routing and a
bunch of similar things but nothing works so they can see my device and I can finish
setting it up to actually use it, lol.

It's the middle of a weekend night in G.B. so not expecting much help from Innuos.  Not to mention
their "support" website is the most barren I've ever seen.  Only a copy of their Quick Start Guide, which
I already have, and a broken link (404 error) to their assumedly more in-depth user manual.  No FAQs, trouble-shooting
guides, user communities, etc.

Any input appreciated.
Do you have any firewalls on your PC? Router settings?
Do you have any extensions running on your search engine?

I found my Google Adblock Plus and a couple others messed up the Innuos connection.-Hence, my use of MS Edge. And, I didn't need to add any extensions to make it work.
I had problems with my Zenith not bring recognized. I contacted Innuous on a Thursday. They responded post haste and on Monday they did a remote session with my computer and all was well. They're customer service is top-notch. Do contact them.
The Innuos Sense app will not work until you do the 2.0.x upgrade. Then the Orangesqueeze  app will no longer work.
Yep, all's well.

Running v1.49 and everything works, have to update to v2.0 to get Innuos sense, but am holding off for a week or so to get a better handle on the current sound qualities to then better compare post update.

I've heard great things though about the sound improvements post v2.0.
Anyone have any USB connection issues?

I have my Zenith MK3 and have been loading music onto it via USB and all of a sudden it told me my USB wasn't formated correctly (try NFTS or FAT23), but my USB is NFTS and has been working.

This just happened... Was running old 1.49, but now upgraded to 2.06 and still have the issue.

Sent an email to customer support.

The 2.0+ sound improvement however is EXCELLENT!!!

More dynamic and detailed with better separation. Really sounds more crisp and focus, but manages more width in the sound field. Bass/sub however is something I need to play around with more (all a room problem for me, and has been).