Innuos Zenith Mk3: Won’t Start Properly!

After over three years of having the Zenith with no issues, today it seemingly randomly decided not to start up fully (I typically leave it on always but had my conditioner’s power switched off for a few hours today). From an off state and unplugged, after reconnecting, the usual white LED turns on, on the front of the unit, but it never goes to the next stage where the LED changes to the user-selected color, after which you can connect to the device.

The server is unreachable from, from Sense, and when using the link with the model name in it.

The network connection appears to be working. There is a solid orange light to the left of the port and a flashing amber to the right. I believe this is the usual light code indicating that the network connection is working. I also tested the Ethernet connection from the wall with a laptop and there were no issues.

The “startup” white indicator just stays on indefinitely. For this reason I’m guessing that the unit is failing to fully boot up.

I’m running the latest Innuos firmware, 2.2.25 or whatever version it is now - I updated it about two weeks ago and had no issues - until now.

I will send Innuos a support request but it’s the weekend so I thought I’d check here first to see if anyone has had a similar issue. I’m not sure there is much that can be done without Innuos’ help though.

Oh I also tried connecting it in a different room with a different ethernet connection - there was no change.


@nyev how did you login to the tty terminal?  It always prompts me for a username and password but I’ve never had to setup a user on the Zenith.

I was able to get into the BIOS by hitting the Shift and F1 key in alternating fashion while rebooting.  From there I tried to boot into a previous stored OS (the one labeled Recovery Mode) and it booted but ended up with a login prompt for the tty terminal.  But still unable to access the Innuos Zenith over the network.  Oh well, will try Innuos support and report back.. if it gets resolved maybe it will help someone looking for a similar problem resolution.

@sandpat, sorry it was a while back and I can’t recall how I got in, but it sounds like you managed.  You might try a factory reset / reset to defaults.

@nyev thanks for taking the time to respond!


I was able to get in, but unfortunately mine is an MK2 model and so I don’t seem to have the option of doing the factory reset when selecting an OS.  I have a support call tomorrow morning and will report back my findings in the hopes of helping the next guy.  Appreciate your quick response!

For anyone having a similar issue, tech support fixed my problem by remoting in. Problem was my Innuos was logging too much and the log files were too big and expanded beyond the system storage capacity. Apparently this issue was fixed in update v2.3.2 but I was still running something around v2.2.x. I would recommend anyone to keep up with the updates because if you don’t get the fixes, something like this can happen and it can become a brick until support is able to delete the logs for you (or take other corrective action).


Luckily my server was still somewhat responding allowing support to SSH into it and take the corrective action. Entire process to delete the big log files and upgrade multiples times to get to v2.4.1 took about an hour over a remote session. Support is excellent- you don’t get some regular support guy, you get a real engineer.


@nyev I suspect you ran into the same issue but your having reverted to factory reset deleted the logs. However, unless you update yours to the latest you might run into the issue again down the line.  I suspect you’ve already updated after that incident.