Innuous Zenith Mk3 and Phoenix vs Esoteric N-05XD

I own the Zenith and Phoenix, came from computer audio and was amazed at the quality difference these made, along with upgraded power cords, to transform my 20 year old system (which doesn’t even have my Krell amp in into a very pleasing sound. The downside of owning these (it’s only been about 6 weeks) is that after using Audirvana (with computer) the Innuous Sense app drove me crazy. I’ve been told that this is one of the better softwares for controlling music compared to man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. It drove me crazy and still has limited to no library management tools but it looks pretty with album cover displays and black background.
I’m being urged by a digital expert friend to trade that in for Esoteric 05-XD. He says it has world class DAC and i wouldn’t need to spend any more money. Scenario two is to keep the Innuous and spend at least 5,000 or more on new DAC (i am using 12 year old original PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC) My friend believes that even with new DAC and more money, that i won’t beat the Esoteric. For about the same additional money I could buy a Master Clock for the Esoteric and improve even more, he says. My problem is I can’t audition the Esoteric nor do I relish the idea of starting over on a new software wondering what it looks like, how it works and whether I’ll be as frustrated in the use of it as I was with Innuos’s Sense. Sound quality is number one for me but this recent experience of being so frustrated in making playlists as me wondering about usability along with sound quality. I would love the group's thoughts as all this is completely new to me, and is not my style to change something so quickly.


@bossa received. But fyi Audiogon filters and strictly forbids sharing any contact information. I replied to you / your PM

Hi, I have the Innuos Zenith MK3 + Phoenix USB + Esoteric N05 (vía USB) and the sound is wonderful, change the PS for the old N05 or if you have the money take the regular model. You can use the entry USB connection of Esoteric and if you buy this you'll never have to look back again on the sound 

@bossa - If you don't like the Sense app you can always switch to Roon on the Zenith. 

I have a Zenith, with Phoenix USB, and prefer the sound of Sense over Roon. While not as feature rich as Roon, I find the Sense app meets my needs--and the UI is much better than a lot of other options.