Insanely Expensive....and Worth Every Penny

There are many threads which discuss things like "80% of the performance at 20% of the price", how overpriced certain components are compared to others, and how some components fail to hold their value on the used market.

So here is a cheerfully optimistic question:

What component, accessory, set of speakers, or tweak have you purchased - preferably new - that was wildly, insanely expensive, and in your honest opinion really WORTH IT?

Something that was delightful to own, and demonstrably superior to anything less expensive...

(I hope this is not a very short thread.)

I would say that the price of ARC in the 80's was pretty insanely expensive.

I bought my SP-11 years later, when I could better afford it on the used market.

I, too, have no regrets - its the last component I would ever sell.

This thread was in part inspired by a proverb which says:

"Buy the best - only cry once."

Lets hear more about expensive components with no regrets.
Buying a soundproof apartment in the UK to savor the delights of 240v of 'real' juice would be worth every
As a tweak I think the Harmonix Golden Toe TU-210 zx tuning feet. 900.00 per component but jewel like finish is one of a kind.
"Wildly, insanely expensive" implies madness or folly and by definition this is mainly a pleasure to own for its snob factor or for what it says about the person who owns it (for example, a Ferrari or a wife's insanely expensive diamond solitaire. Both are a statement of commitment/passion/wealth/success and the symbolic meaning is much more important than its actual utility).

Like the peacock's impractical but impressive tail, you only have to look to some tube amplifiers (where the tubes are purposefully displayed) to realize that audio has its fair share of "statements".
Carver 2000 receiver, I paid $1,500 back in 1983. It was the heart of my sytem for about 20 years.

It's looks and performance was in a class of it's own.

It was definitely the best looking piece of equipment I've owned. There was alway something great about the "Carver" sound that never left me wanting.

I still miss it sometimes.

Also, 3DBX expander, 400 route selector, and single ended noise reduction unit. The three ran about $1,400 back in 1984 and they all still look and work "as new".