Insurance for system

I have been trying to get theft coverage for my system without success. Between the electronics, cables and add ons I probably have around $100K invested in it. My broker suggested that she might be able to get coverage for some of the gear but not all of it. I know that there are specialty carriers for collectible cars but is anyone aware of insurers who specialize in coverage for what most carriers would consider luxury goods?



I don't understand. As long as you have receipts and pictures, or can prove replacement value, why would audio gear be any different from any other personal possession of value? What reason did your agent give you for this? 

@roxy54  I agree with you. I had an evaluation done by a local hifi dealer which I submitted to her. She is young so maybe it is a case of inexperience or maybe she just isn’t interested either way I would prefer to take my money elsewhere as I do want coverage.

Do you have an existing homeowner's or renter's insurance policy? Reading it would be a good place to start. All my gear is covered under my homeowner's policy.

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My insurance agent is a friend of mine. I asked about the system… and my extensive camera and fountain pen collection. No specific policy is required. It is covered as are all things under the home owners policy. Yes, photos make it easier… and receipts… well, how would you not have these.