Insurance for system

I have been trying to get theft coverage for my system without success. Between the electronics, cables and add ons I probably have around $100K invested in it. My broker suggested that she might be able to get coverage for some of the gear but not all of it. I know that there are specialty carriers for collectible cars but is anyone aware of insurers who specialize in coverage for what most carriers would consider luxury goods?


I revisited insurance coverage on the hifi and record collection when I moved from NY to Texas at the very beginning of 2017. DOT insurance is by gross weight and a joke. I was covered by Chubb, which I started using years ago- they insured various exotic cars I had for less than what they charged for a daily driver.

I have riders for the hi-fi, the records, and some other high value stuff. A year or more ago, we finally parted ways with Chubb- though I thought they were very good--their premiums got crazy. We switched to a company called "Pure" which writes for high value assets. Hopefully it is never going to be an issue.

Lloyds will insure just about anything of value, for a cost. But maybe just a rider on your homeowners delineating all your audio stuff.

As stated by others, stereo equipment is covered under the personnel property coverage of your HO policy. However, records are considered media and may have a specific dollar limit. Read the policy 

What you’re looking for is called a Personal Articles Policy. It’s used to insure things like art collections, stereo equipment, and other expensive collectibles. It’s one of the cheapest insurance types to have; don’t try to list these on your regular homeowners or renters policy, as it will be really expensive and/or you’ll max out the allowed scheduled amount. A seven figure Personal Articles Policy will run you two or three grand... Ask your broker about adding it to a homeowners or renters policy.

Thanks everyone for the great information which I will follow up on. It is a treat to be able to post about an issue and get educated responses like this.