Has anyone taken out additional coverage on your homeowners policy to insure your audio investment? If so, what types of coverage with what company?
What Newbee said. Take pictures and document and of course inform you agent as to the cost of the system. Most people, including wives, have no idea what this stuff costs.

guys most homeowners insurance only cover $1000 for electronics, you need to call your agent and have your policy upgraded they will ask you for reciepts and pictures, if you rent than you need to get renters insurance and do the same
If you ever need to file a claim, and you want fair value for whatever it is you will need all of the following.

1) Most important ensure that your "Contents" coverage will cover all of your belongings, including any exotic electronic gear.
2) Have some documentation as to what you purchased and from whom, and the price paid, Typically a photocopy of a receipt stored off site will do.
3) A photograph of the equiptment along with the factory carton and the owners manual will make this pretty much of an un-contested deal.

Most typical homeowners policies only cover you up to X thousands of dollars, and it is pretty much up to you to supply proof. If you are paying for replacement coverage they will replace your amplifier, but if you can not proove that you have the factory carton, then dont expect your insurer to buy you one.

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A note of caution about "replacement value":

You want to make sure you BOTH read your policy AND confirm with your agent whether it is NEW replacement value OR current market value of your (now used) equipment.

1.) It should be for it's current NEW replacement value.


2.) Double check what the company's policy is regarding "current model replacement" i.e. If your (lost/stolen) piece of equipment is no longer in production, will they replace it with the current equivalent model?

If both 1. and 2. are confirmed, it's still your responsibility to total the cost of your system at current retail value (and using the current equivalent model(s) msrp if/where applicable). Then add that total to, or include that figure in, the total value of your household "contents".

Adequate coverage costs more money than what you get in a "basic" policy. Make sure you don't under-insure.
First off, check around for an insurance company that will pay if you make a claim, some will do everything in their power not to pay should you ever need them...ask friends if they have ever needed to file a claim, if so...ask them their opinion regarding dealings with their company. Filing claims is not something most of us ever do...I've filed two in 35 years.

I had a house fire around 10 years ago, I had a good company and they got right on it...I had replacement cost insurance on everything. I've heard some not so good stories from others regarding dealings with their companies over the years. I'm thinking not all companies are created equal, I did see a news story not long ago on TV regarding the huge S.F. earthquake that happened several years ago...seems 1000's had bad insurance companies that have never paid to this day!