Integrated amp comparison/recommendation

Hey all,

Yet another Simao post asking for recommendations. I feel like almost all the post I start do that, so thank you for indulging me yet again.

I’m window shopping / pursuing one of these three integrated:

1. Line Magnetic 845ia
2. Decware Torii Mk4

I am running a Lyngdorf 2170 at the moment and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that except I’m looking for a different sound. Before the ling dorf, I had an LFD LE Mark 4 which I really, really enjoyed. I would jump at the chance to get a Mark V if one came up for sale here or on the other audio site.

However, I’m also really interested in line magnetic. I’ve heard them before and I would love to go back to tubes with that brand. And I’ve always been fascinated with Decware. Steve Deckert makes really really good stuff.

My speakers are spatial M3 turbos at 94dB; my sources are VPI HW19 Mark 4 turntable with a Hana ML cartridge and an LFD LE phono stage; and an Oppo 105. When I play vinyl, I tend to listen to jazz and more nuanced, well produced music. When I stream or play CD, I tend to listen to more bass heavy rock or hip hop.
I can't speak to the Torii Mk4, but I have the ZMA--one step up from the Mk4--and it is staggeringly good.  If you can try the Torii, you should definitely do so. 
I'll throw one more in the mix just because I own one and it rocks. Vincent SV-237MK. An integrated hybrid with a capable yet simple three tube preamp and an excellent SS amp. There is only one tube you can roll in it, a 12AX7, but it's the one that makes the most difference. Also, it has both tone controls and a loudness switch which can be defeated, so you have options to make your music sound the way you want it to sound. At 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms, with the first 10 watts in class A, it will drive any speaker you throw at it. It has coaxial and digital inputs, but lacks balanced inputs. It also lacks phono inputs, but since most audiophiles choose to use a separate phono preamp, I don't see that as a deal breaker.
I think the best integrated I’ve ever had besides the LFD was the LSA Statement. What an underappreciated gem.

Oh, and what's the word on Jadis? 
And if you're looking at a Tori you may want to consider a Coincident Technology Dynamo 34SE MKIII.In a direct comparison I found the Dynamo to have more gravitas and meaningful bass.Quietest tube amp I have ever owned.Drop dead gorgeous and well reviewed by the industry.
I just talked with Steve up at Decware who said the lead time for the Torii is 20+ weeks.  Yikes. Will check out Coincident and am also considering the Raven Blackhawk.