Integrated amp: Component weight

I'm an older guy with a bad back looking to spend $5-10K on an integrated amp.  Before I get into functionality, connectivity, or even sound quality, my threshold considerations are price, power, and weight.  My 86dB-sensitivity Harbeths do best with the equivalent of a 200-300wpc solid-state unit, I need to drive a variety of analog & digital sources, hope to keep weight under 40lbs, and want to stay away from "classic" Class D designs.  Been there, done that, D simply didn't work in my system.

My question: Does anybody know of any published listing of amplifiers that compares products by weight or size?

So far, I've only found a few 15-35lb models that meet this initial filter, from sellers like Ayre, Devialet, & Bryston, and, surprisingly, even ARC.  However, there are connectivity & functionality issues that make these otherwise-terrific options a poor fit.

Any suggestions?


Musical Fidelity M6si integrated amp

220 wpc, about 35 pounds and sounds wonderful on my PMC speakers. Class AB and should sound terrific with your Harbeth speakers. Its design is dual mono. I was so impressed with their sound quality, I purchased 2 of them.

See Upscale audio review of this amp link below

”Internally, the M6si is configured as 2 independent monobloc power amps with a separate pre amp. It is, in fact, a pre amp with 2 monobloc power amps that just happen to share the same casework.

The M6si has 220wpc. It has very low distortion, outstanding noise ratio and extremely flat frequency response. Its inputs are phono (MM/MC), 4 line level, 1 balanced XLR and 1 USB ‘B’ up to 24bit 96kHz asynchronous.

The M6 combination of high power, high current and extraordinary stability means that it can drive any loudspeaker with ease.”

@soix: Thanks for a coherent respone. I need to handle:

- 3 or 4 analog sources

- drive 20ohm headphones (with or without an external HP amp

- drive an active or passive sub

- provide an HT-bypass input, preferably balanced

- deliver SQ in a class with Hegel, Ayre, etc., models in the same price range. A step above the HiFi Rose / Musical Fidelity MSx realm


@elliottbnewcombjr Uh, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I asked a completely different question -- are you in the right conversation?


Re: Coda, I have a lot of respect for the old Continuum product line, but it doesn’t look like the CSIB is a contender here, for more than one of the reasons already mentioned. Too bad, b/c it’s a nice box for the money.



Hegel H390 should fit the bill perfectly. Does all you want to do with the exception of HPs  isn’t TOO heavy and hits the power needs with no issue.