Integrated Amp for Joseph Audio Rm7si MKII

Please suggest. Thanks.
I recently put together a wonderful system based on the JA RM7si MKI with a Simaudio Moon I5. All pieces bought right here on the gon! Still breaking in cables, but I am extremely pleased with the combination. The caveat with this
combo is that is not a 'house shaker'. Depending on your musical taste, you'll find that the I5 provides a significant degree of finese to the RM7's and any acoustic music: jazz combo, classical chamber, etc. I have not tried other amps, but I have noticed alot of talk about the manufacturer using tubes, so maybe something along the lines of a manley stingray may be what you're looking for.
Hi Dvu969, the VTL 80 watt integrated and the RM7 might be worth giving a try. I heard this combination and was impressed. My Mom has the Joseph RM25si MKII and considering the room problems has achieved very good sound with her SS gear. I tried a couple tube amps on her speakers and believe this is what the Joseph thrives on. I will never talk her into tubes even though she agreed the sound went from good to very good. I find the Joseph a little lean and a touch bright with SS for my enjoyment. The Cary V12 sounded wonderful. The CJ 11a was warm, rich, but a little bit colored for my tastes. Always sweet even when it shouldn't have been. The VTL should be in your price range. If possible listen to the RM7 with tubes. If you prefer SS Jlamb did a very good job describing this speaker and has offered a very fine post. In your search for an integrated i think 50 watts or more is needed.
Good hunting and please try a tube amp before buying.
Hey Brulee, just curious but what SS gear are you running with the JA RM25si MKII?
Dear Dvu969,
If you're interested in VTL's, I have a pair of 80 watt mono's for sale. They sound great with my maggie 1.6's. I'm asking 950.00 OBO for the pair.
Let me know.