Integrated Amp for Tyler Acoustic Linbrook Monitor

Hello fellow Audiogoners,
I recently sold all my audio gear, so I started all over again from scratch.
I just bought a pair of Tyler Acoustic Linbrook Sig. Monitors. Now, I am looking for a good integrated amp to drive these beauties and get the most out of them.

My budget: $1000-$1500 (new or used)
SS or Tubes is OK

Any recommendations? To those who own these speakers, what are you driven them with?

Thanks a lot in advance!!

Those are good ss amps. Consider any McCormack amp-I have a dna.5 and its very musical, authoritative and in your budget Good luck
I think all of the above are good choices. I am currently driving my D4's with a Cayin 265Ai Class A integrated with great results. You might want to add a Cayin A88t tubed integrated to your list. Ty used to use Rogue, Audio Refinement, Jolida, and lately I think he is using the Bel Canto. Personally I think its your choice as all the above mentioned sound good :)
I'm a former owner of the Linbrook Sig. monitors. The only advice I have is that they love power. I'd go for 150WPC. Since that kind of power is real expensive in tube form I'd opt for solid state.
I would also opt for SS. I had the Linbrook Sig floorstanders (before upgrading to the D1) and tried tubes on them: unless the tubes had a lot of juice (75 watts+), the sound was pretty flat. Not sure about your speakers, but mine had impedance that dropped pretty low. You may be unlikely to get that sort of power at the price you are considering. The Decade line does much better with tubes, due to the steady 8ohm impedance, FWIW. I ended up setting with moderately powerful SS amp with my Linbrooks (McCormack DNA-125 revision Gold) and also tried amps with more juice (a very high-end Karan integrated, the Simaudio I-7, Herron monoblocks, bigger ARC hybrid amp) and found that the juice that the McCormack provided to be plenty at normal listening levels; the higher current of the others wasn't really noticeable. All of these amps sounded really good on my speakers; I probably liked the Karan and the McCormack the best (at least once the McCormack was mated to an ALD-1 preamp with platinum upgrade).

From my experience, I would go with a moderately powerful SS amp, and perhaps a tube preamp, would be a good combo. I ended up with both a SS amp and preamp, and the pre sounds more "full" and tubey than most of the tube preamp I tried. YMMV.
Thank you all for the recommendations and advices. I'll keep on doing some research before I make my final decision.

A couple of questions:
1.What about Musical Fidelity A5 or A3.5 (Plenty of power, and they're sold used between $800 and $1600 here in A'gon). Would they work well with the Tyler Linbrook Monitors?

2. What would be a good SS amp/Tube preamp "combo" within my price range that could work well with these speakers?

Thanks a lot in advance!!