Integrated Amp (Gryphon, T+A, etc) or DAC + Stereo Amp for B&W 802d3

Hi everyone,

First post here on Audiogon as I’m seeking advice to upgrade my current amps for B&W 802d3. The speakers have been driven by Devialet Expert Pro 440 CI over the last years and I can’t really say Devialet  is my cup of tea, although it’s extremely convenient. Appreciate if someone can share his/her experience.

The following amps are currently in my shortlist and I’m really close to pulling the trigger to one of the amps -

Streaming DAC (w or w/o preamp) + Integrated Amp: Gryphon Diablo 300, T+A PA 3100 HV, Accuphase E-800,
Streaming DAC (w or w/o preamp) straight into Stereo/Power Amp: Gryphon Essence, Accuphase A-75, Luxman M-900u

All my listening sources are Digital (Roon + TIDAL, AirPlay, Apple TV, TV) so I’m leaning towards a good quality Streaming DAC + Stereo amp unless a pre-amp is really necessary to add ’colouration’ or some sort.

Any thoughts/advice?

Additional info:
1. I listen mostly to Jazz, vocals, classical (especially piano and violin). Music 75%, 25% films via Apple TV
2. I have T+A PA 3100 HV loaner/home audition at the minute. Great amp, very neutral, balanced, great bass control and impressive soundstage. But, I feel like it’s an ’upgraded’ version of’s a bit analytical and doesn’t have the warmth for midrange at least to my ears
3. I’m looking for an amp that a) great soundstage b) details c) control the 802D3 bass well d) warmer than Devialet or T+A (go for pure Class A perhaps?)

Sanders Magtech will drive those B&W like you wouldn’t believe. I auditioned a t+a a3000 hv amp cs the magtech and couldn’t tell the difference, except the magtech is $15,000 less
You have to remember that the B&W is a very analytical and clinical sounding speaker to begin with. Maybe look at other speakers that are warmer. Sonos Faber maybe. Just thinking out loud. 

All the best