Integrated Amp ideas for Dynaudio Special 40's

Looking for some ideas on integrated amps for my special 40's. I'm currently using a Peachtree Decco65 to drive these, but my sense is that it's not doing them justice.. Would prefer to use an all-in-one integrated (including DAC), but also open to other ideas.

I'm considering the Peachtree 220se--any opinions on whether this would be a noticeable upgrade to the Decco65?  Also curious about the Nuprime ida-8 and Hegel H80/H90... Would like to keep budget under $1500, and willing to buy used/demo/refurbished as well. Any other ideas much appreciated--
The Nuprime and Hegel are both well-regarded amps. I might also consider the Rega Brio and the Cambridge CXA60. For your budget, as you say, you can also find a tremendous array of second-hand units including some prestige units.
thanks. Another question: is ~60 watts sufficient, or should I be looking for something more powerful to drive and/or optimize these speakers? 
I just listed a Denon PMA 2000 IVR with 80 wpc and 120 amps of current that would drive your speakers quite well. I was using it to drive 86 db Proacs with ATC drivers.

I’ve compared it to Hegel, Peachtree, Vincent and most recently a Wells Majestic. It’s a substantial amp and a bit too big for my rack so I am going with the 160one.
The Denon is a very robust integrated if you can find one.  It will drive virtually any speaker, double its power into 4 ohms and is very conservatively rated. It also supposedly has a great phono stage  but cannot either confirm or deny as I haven’t used it