Integrated Amp Recommendation

I have a Musical Fidelity A3.2 integrated amplifier that started making static when the volume is adjusted. The authorized repair shop informs me it needs a complete overhaul -- for $900. I am considering 3 options:

1) Repair it -- the repair shop tells me essentially they don't make them anymore like they used to and this is a great unit that I can get another 10 years out of.

2) Replace it with a Musical Fidelity M5si for $2k or a few hundred less for a factory-refurbished unit.

3) Something else... Rotel 1592? Parasound Halo?

The speakers are B&W 804's. Input is a Naim Uniti media server through a Naim DAC. No vinyl.

Any advice, recommendations and suggestions welcome!


If you like it and would want to keep it why not have it repaired ? If not - it's a great moment to get something else.
Comparing the measurements on Stereophile of yours and the Parasound Halo, for sure just pay the $900 fee to fix it. Your device performs very well.
Unless you are emotionally attached to the amp,move on,lots of new and accomplished Integrated amps at the 2K price point.

What kind of B&W 804 are yours? The latest 804 D3 or D2 or D1 or 804S? 
Those integrated that you listed above are very good for the money. If you want to go with the Musical Fidelity you should consider the M6si. The Rotel RA-1592 is very good at $2500 retail price and will pair well with your B&W 804. Rotel and B&W usually have good synergy together. The Parasound Halo Integrated is pretty awesome too. 

But since you already have a Naim streamer and a Naim DAC you won't need a DAC in the integrated amp. I recommend you get an analog integrated amp. There are countless options out there. The Rega Elicit-R or the Osiris analog integrated amps are spectacular sounding very musical.