Integrated amp recommendation

I recently bought a used pair of Swiss-made Piega p4L MKII floor-standing speakers. I am looking for a two-channel integrated amp to pair with them. Budget: $1,000.

Among the stated speaker specs: applied power rating 20-200 watts, sensitivity 89 db, 4 ohms impedance and frequency response 38 Hz-50 kHz. To me, the speakers’ sound can be described as natural, detailed and transparent, not aggressive and maybe slightly lacking in bass. The room is 12 x 20, carpeted but relatively bare. I listen primarily to classic rock, classic jazz and classical. I use a Bluesound Node 2i music streamer and CDs. Bluetooth would be nice but not essential.

Thank you for any assistance.


Thank you, jjss49, for that. They all look really good. To my ears, my Piega speakers are clean and clear, but not brash. Also given a bigger, relatively bare room, it seems to me that a little more warmth plus plenty of power for those 4 ohm speakers is the ticket.Does that seem right?

If you are looking for a little warmth and lots of current to drive your speakers with aplomb, from what I have read — Parasound and Plinius would be good choices. I have heard Belles Aria and now have the Aria Signature. They are both fine integrated amps — but as mentioned by mesch above, there is no published data on what it delivers into 4 ohms. You want something that doubles the wattage from 8 to 4 ohms ideally.

Not much to suggest beyond what has been mentioned here already. I would just reiterate to pick something up on the pre-owned market as there is a ton of savings/value to be had.