Integrated Amp Shopping Decisions

Looking to replace my 1987 NAD 1240 preamp and Adcom 535ll. They have served me well for years but are now both very long in the tooth and probably time for caps but not interested in investing as it would be a poor investment to update them. So I am looking to go integrated. Have a Technics 1210GR and Music Hall 7 so vinyl is a given. Also need USB for my Dead flac files.  So my needs are decent MM phone preamp, USB and can run either RCA or coax out from my Rotel Tribute CD.   Don't really need Bluetooth. Preferable to have tone controls. I am looking at a new speaker purchase which may likely be Wharfedale Lintons or Evos.  Price point around $1800 max.

So, I have a list of possibles.  Cambridge CXA81 but no tone controls or phonestage so not sure about this one, Parasound HINT6 preowned puts me $1800 (Its got the phono and DAC, ) Bel Canto C5i gives me phono and DAC (if I can find preowned) Rogue Sphinx (plus add Schitt Mani DAC) Musical Fidelity M5si (preowned), Yamaha S801 gets good reviews but lower price scares me.  Any contenders I am missing?  Thoughts?

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accessories4less has the mf 5si on sale for $1350--sounds like a very good deal. they have a return policy if you don't like it.

I have the Adcom 535L, also. It in storage but it's a sweet amp. If you were curious about a detour, I bet a nice 6SN7 preamp with the Adcom would sound sweet. I've tried that combo and it's quite good.

Marantz 40n ... beautiful design, and functional with actual bass and treble knobs, plus has a serviceable streamer, adequate inputs, and good dac.