Integrated amp temperature

Is that the operating temperature can shorten the life of the electronic parts inside an integrated transistor amplifier, if it consumes around 1000W, when it is in operation, and is it better to leave it always on, to have a better sound, starting from listening to music?


1000w like 1-1/3 horse power. Are you sure it is that high? Most are class-AB, or tubes.

Do you leave you car idling in the driveway?

People talk about the sound being better, but just turn it on and putz around for a few minutes. If it is 1000W, that is like most of a 1200W blow dryer… and it’ll be hot enough pretty soon.

@audiosens - I once had a Luxman L530 class a/b amp. It’s running temperature was HOT (enoug cook and egg on it). So I turned it off after use EVERY TIME

  • even then it burned through the oil filled heat sink - very messy - and expensive

My NAIM 5i ran cool to the touch all the time

  • so I left it on 24/7 and after 11 years the caps fried and $350 later it worked jusrt fine again
  • but it should have lasted for 12+ years - it’s no longer with me
  • NAIM recommends leaving their amps on all the time
    • the CAP replacement is a "feature"
  • Now I see why $$$😏

My Bryston B135 runs much cooler , so I do not worry about it, but it is off most of the time.

  • I actually found that it runs cooler if I use an excellent quality power cable on it

I would recommend turning your amp off after each use and allow it 10minutes to warm up at the start of the listening session

Regards - Steve

williewonka  It is written on the back 1000W maximum, so may be it would not go that far in temperature.