Integrated Amp That Does it All?...

I currently am running a decent Home Theater set up that includes an Anthem MRX-700 receiver, Harbeth HL5's (FR/FL) and an Oppo BDP-95. I also find myself getting into hi-res files (stored on a DROBO FS and accessed through a Squeezebox Touch) and more 2-channel listening. I have been auditioning DACs to use with the Squeezebox and really loved the Bel Canto 2.5. Since that can also act as a preamp, it got me thinking about how to incorporate a more "audiophile" 2-channel option into my HT set up. Most of the options I considered all requied some degree of flipping around of cables/boxes when I wanted to listen. Then I started reading about integrated amps with true HT Bypass options...
I have found some older threads on various sites that discuss this but nothing real recent. Ideally, I would like to find an integrated with HT Bypass, coax digital inputs for the Squeezebox (and possibly Oppo if the DAC is better), balanced inputs for the Oppo (another thing to try) and sound that beats my above average Anthem AVR. I have been searching but can't seem to find a lot of modern options that have it all - some have the HT Bypass but no digital inputs. If anyone has any thoughts I am all ears. The closest thing I have found thus far is the ModWright integrated. It has "options" to do what I need but once properly configured we are talking well over $5K.
Hey Dougkrause,

You are quite correct, to get all of what you are looking for in an integrated I know of no other then the the new ModWright piece. I will be recieving this intergrated for review in the the next ten days for my website were I'm a staff reviewer. Just E-mail if you want to discuss what my take is on it in the near future. I have a hunch it might be a real killer and well worth the money when you consider that you can order it with many different options.
Wyred 4 Sound mINT or Bel Canto C5i would be the closest thing except they don't have XLR inputs. You could use S/PDIF, TOSlink, or RCA for your Oppo. Since you like the Bel Canto DAC 2.5 maybe the DAC in the C5i would be more to your liking, but it is not as expansive or refined as the 2.5 although of a similar flavor. I have owned the DAC 2.5, C5i, and currently have a Calyx DAC employing an ESS Sabre DAC chip, which is what the Wyred 4 Sound mINT has. I much prefer the sound of the Sabre DAC, but the one I have is better than the one in the mINT.

Both units use ICEPower for amplification. The C5i puts out 60 WPC into 8 ohms with a single 125ASX2 module and the W4S 100 WPC using 2 modules (not sure which model). I think ICEPower offers VERY good value for the money. Big, detailed, smooth, 3D sound with excellent bass.

The C5i is $1900 and the mINT $1500.