Integrated Amp to match with Magico A3

Have just ordered a pair of Magico A3, and looking for integrated amplifier to pair with it. As I heard once which had a very disappointing result to pair with Gryphon 300 in a local Hifi show in Hong Kong. Reallly looking for recommendations on matching amplifier. Planned to get a Marantz PM-10, but worried that the single box may not be powerful enough to push the A3. On the other side, some said Hegel H360 with 4000+ damping factor may suit even better.

thank you in advance
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I only listen to my Vitus SIA-25 MKll in pure Class A mode. It goes more than loud enough for me.

I would say in Class AB mode, 
RL-101 is better. In pure Class A mode, Vitus SIA-025 MKll is easily better. 

The Vitus Rl-101 is a World Class amp, and will sound great with A3's with control. 😊

I would also consider the Goldmund Telos 590 Nextgen II and the Constellation integrated with these speakers.
If you can find a deal on a second hand Constellation, it's great performance for the value.