Integrated amp w/decent headphone out under $5k

Could use some help picking an integrated amp. Current Eastern Electric M520 24W EL34 doing a nice job driving my 95db efficient Omega CAMs. Would like to get to next level of tone and refinement and also drive my Hifiman HE1000 Stealth headphones (supposed to be easy to drive). Tried a SET separate but missed the bass definition and dynamics so I think I want to stay push/pull or warmer sounding solid state or hybrid. 10-25 watts should be plenty. Current leading candidate is LTA Z10… anything else I should look at?


I don’t have one anymore but I had a PrimaLuna intergrated. Headphone out was very good too. 

Leben CS300 15-18w has amazing headphone out - the amp does speakers or phones on same circuit (?) and now have a luxman 550ax2 which is 20w class a which also has a great headphone circuit.



My Modern CAMs sound amazing with my Mcintosh MHA100 "headphone" amp. Check out my pics. The current model is MHA150, only difference is in the dac. 

You're better off with a dedicated, separate headphone amp.  Most integrated amps and receivers run the speaker outputs through a 220 to 330 ohm resistor to the headphone jack, and thus do not provide an optimized output.  The high output resistance will cause coloration and distortion (I have seen this personally with my own tests).  Very, very few of them contain a discrete headphone amplifier.  The additional benefit is that you can upgrade at will.

+1 Linear Tube Audio Z10e - I planned to use it on both headphones and my 100db efficient speakers