integrated amp with phone for graham ls6 under $4000 new

looking for an integrated amp with phono stage under $4000 for my graham audio ls6 speakers to be used with a rega p3 with haha sh and node x. considering naim xs3 and marantz 30. anyone made a comparison, especially the phono stage? marantz 30 can play mc or mm cartridges so i’m leaning that way. also supposed to have a great phono stage. also considering (but it is a bit more) the Exposure 3510 Integrated Amplifier with phono or sugden with a cheap external mc/mm phono like Cambridge Audio Alva Duo. looking for a new product, so around $4000 new is my price point. mostly listen to jazz and classic rock in a medium sized room. thanks!


guess i listed it wrong, these are the ones i was looking at “LFD Spiroflex Speaker Wire Pair 5 meters” but they’re $675 and i’d rather start with my cheap ones listed above if it will sound “okay” and not cause any damage to the speaker or amp

Here ya go! The cable you are using will not damage the speaker or amp!



I recommend Belden 12 gauge from Blue Jeans with locking bananas. If you’re using 6 feet now, order 8 feet to get a little positioning flexibility. Later on you can fool around with more expensive cables. 

FWIW, Morrow Audio has a 60% off sale running through the end of the month. They have different price points, offer good value (from personal experience), and have a trade-up program. I use their speaker wires (level "4" in their product line) paired with my LS6s and find them to be a great match. They're also light and flexible, which is an underrated benefit (I hate stiff speaker cables!).