integrated amp with phone for graham ls6 under $4000 new

looking for an integrated amp with phono stage under $4000 for my graham audio ls6 speakers to be used with a rega p3 with haha sh and node x. considering naim xs3 and marantz 30. anyone made a comparison, especially the phono stage? marantz 30 can play mc or mm cartridges so i’m leaning that way. also supposed to have a great phono stage. also considering (but it is a bit more) the Exposure 3510 Integrated Amplifier with phono or sugden with a cheap external mc/mm phono like Cambridge Audio Alva Duo. looking for a new product, so around $4000 new is my price point. mostly listen to jazz and classic rock in a medium sized room. thanks!


FWIW, Morrow Audio has a 60% off sale running through the end of the month. They have different price points, offer good value (from personal experience), and have a trade-up program. I use their speaker wires (level "4" in their product line) paired with my LS6s and find them to be a great match. They're also light and flexible, which is an underrated benefit (I hate stiff speaker cables!).  

thanks for the tip! i ended up getting the exposure 2510, so the morrow sp4 would be a good match for that and my ls6?

Morrow speaker cables are good, but I would highly recommend the break in service. I’m not sure how many days he offers now. I would take at least 5 days. Whatever you buy, there will always be something else and another opinion. Personally, right now I’m listening to a pair of Worlds Best Canare Bi-wire cables I bought on Amazon for $120 and they sound damn good, even compared to cables costing 10x as much. But Morrows are fine.