Integrated amp with tape out sub out

Hi everyone,
 I need some guidance on identifying an integrated amp that has a sub out and also a line level output/tape output for my recently recommissioned Revox B77II reel-to-reel tape deck. It seems difficult to find a mid- or high quality integrated that allows for both connections. Currently I run a NuPrime IDA-16 to KEF LS50s and a KEF sub, with an Origin Live turntable feeding a Musical Surroundings phono preamp as an analog input to the NuPrime. The digital side is covered by a Stack Audio Link II streamer feeding the amp via USB. Other than finding a way to share the analog RCA input to the amp between the phono preamp and input from the Revox, are there any quality intergated amps or other solutions to this dilemma?  Thanks in advance for any advice offered.
The three top Hegel integrated amps, the H190, H390 and H590 all have both fixed and variable analogue outputs. A lot of people like Hegel with the KEF LS50.
I recently purchased a Cambridge Audio 651a integrated here on Audiogon.  It has, sub out, preamp out, and two record outs.  Output is 75W per channel.
It is the least expensive amplification I’ve used in over 30 years, and I am pleasantly surprised by how good it is.
So, Cambridge might be worth looking into new or used.
Take a look at the Parasound NewClassic series: they offer an integrated amplifier (and a preamplifier variant, for others who might be interested).

I need analog bass management, so I've selected Parasound, though I will likely go the separates route. For you, the integrated amplifier's fixed Rec Out, variable (HP) Main Out, and twin sub outs (one full range and one < 80Hz) could be a very useful combination.

The physicist in me wants to say that the NewClassic 200 Integrated is the best class D available for a reasonable amount of money, but I haven't heard all of them so I'll restrain from making absolute statements. It is nevertheless a fabulously neutral, smooth integrated amplifier.

BTW, the LS50s are such nice kit - congrats!