Integrated amplifier for Dynaudio Heritage Special

UPS ‘lost’ my Luxman 550axII that was repaired and being sent back to me. As I wait on a settlement check can I get a couple integrated amplifier suggestions to run these speakers? Love the Lux but open to other options. Thanks everyone. Budget 3-5K.


All I know is all the Dynaudio speakers like high current amps. I am running Confidence 20 speaker on my main system with Sugden classA mono blocks. This is my end game system.

Just looking for some amp suggestions. Thanks everyone.

I did see the TMR Octave. almost 1/2 price vs new. Not sure what UPS is going to do for reimbursement.

Strong recommendation for Belles amps and Dynaudio.

The Virtuoso and Aria Dual Mono are in your range.

I use a Belles Aria Signature to drive my Dyn Heritage Specials.

Love it.