Integrated Amplifier for Focal 807W

So far I am listening Focals 807W with the NAD C356, 80W x 2.
I upgraded Pre/Amp jumpers with the Cardas Golden jumpers
and it sounds great but there is one problem, power.
My speakers are 92.5 Db so i can not turn the volume up.
I always keep on 0.5 for quiet listening. Once I approach
Volume 1, it's already too loud. I was thinking to try
50W x 2 Integrated amplifier. Is the Simaudio Neo 250i good
match for the Focals. I listened Focals with the Sim. 600i
and the sound was that good that I couldn't believe that
Focals can sound that good, but the price is out of my budget.
Thank you in advance.
At low volumes your speakers are operating with 1-2 watts most of the time. I don't see where having an amp of lesser power is going to help reduce the volume further at low levels.

I would be exploring the placement of the speakers relative to your listening position and the acoustics of the room itself to improve low level listening. If none of this helps, you simply may not have the right speakers for your room or listening habits. I would start thinking about changing the speakers before I would the amp.
Too loud is too general, the Focal's are very easy to drive.
The Sim 600i is way beyond and overkill for this level of speaker. If you look for a used Bryston B-100 or a MF M6i,
you will have excellent results. I have not heard the Neo, line but suspect it will also be a winner.


look into a Bryston. This is a good sonic match for Focal speakers. Another option would be Creek- very musical amp and easy to integrate into your system.

Which cables/power cords do you plan to use?
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I paired them with a Peachtree Decco 65 for about a year. The combo was quite pleasing to my ears.

Eventually I ran the D65 in preamp mode to a Dared SL200A, then to a UPA-200 from Emotiva. Really fantastic combination right there.