Integrated amplifier for Fritz Speakers

Hi All,

I started a discussion about "Monitors for 14 x 20 Room" back last November. There was a lot of good advice and Fritz Speakers kept being positively mentioned.

At the time, I thought WAF would be low for a larger sized monitor. Now I think I have the stage set for Fritz speakers and am thinking either new Carreras or Carbons. 

I would prefer an integrated amp because it is one less piece of equipment io place in in a constrained space.

I would also prefer solid state to solid state, in order to have this system as problem free as possible.

Your ideas and suggestions, please 








Also , how well treated or not your room is may influence which Fritz speaker to get… the Carrera or the Carbon.

my room is just a tiny bit smaller than yours but with pretty high ceilings … no traditional damping installed but lots of diffusion from objects and probably some absorption from couch, wool rugs, curtains etc.

I went with the Carbon 7’s powered by an AVA Set120 and it’s been a superb pairing.  I realize that’s not an integrated …though AVA does make a version with a built-in passive attenuator and multiple inputs.

Others have had success with the Pass Int-25.

I just did a speaker upgrade and happen to have a pair of Fritz Carrerra BE's I'm putting up for sale; I'll have them up on here or USAM later today if interested....

They are wonderful speakers; I'm just replacing them with ones that are in another category financially and sonically. 

I think Fritz’s products are very electronics tolerant.  If you have the money and want trouble-free,  Luxman, Mac, Accuphase. Really need to know budget and what volume you are expecting.