Integrated amplifier for Fritz Speakers

Hi All,

I started a discussion about "Monitors for 14 x 20 Room" back last November. There was a lot of good advice and Fritz Speakers kept being positively mentioned.

At the time, I thought WAF would be low for a larger sized monitor. Now I think I have the stage set for Fritz speakers and am thinking either new Carreras or Carbons. 

I would prefer an integrated amp because it is one less piece of equipment io place in in a constrained space.

I would also prefer solid state to solid state, in order to have this system as problem free as possible.

Your ideas and suggestions, please 








Thanks for the ideas!

@ soix probably $1500 give or take. Thought maybe I could find a good used piece. I was wondering about Parasound or possibly Anthem.

Maybe a class D?

@ j_andrews can you share how you judge the sound differences between the Carbons and Carrera I would have the same setup as your room but with 8 foot ceilings 

@jeffrey125 would love to go with tubes but don't want any hassle in a location that is far from my stash. I have a pair of Quicksilver horn monos that would probably work. But also figured an integrated would take up less space.


Thank you !


i haven’t heard the Carreras so I can’t actually comment on them. However , others have said the Be tweeter can be very energetic even though Fritz’s implementation is also said to keep things natural and relaxed . So, I would recommend calling John and speaking to him about your room and what music you’ll be playing and how loud, etc.

He’s a super guy and will help you sort things out without giving you a hard sell.

My room is 13x18x9 with big openings on 2 of the walls.

I also agree with @chayro … you can pair them pretty effectively with a lot of amps. They are easy to drive so you could start with what you have and then upgrade the amp later.

My Carbons also sound very good with a $380 Vista Audio Spark.

At your budget, I would at least take a look at the Alstine SET120 Control amp.



I would get the speakers… get them broken in, then start thinking about the character of the integrated you want… assuming you have something to power them today.

At $1500 you should consider used. Sugden A21 integrated may work nicely. Well reviewed and lots of tube like qualities.