Integrated amplifier for Fritz Speakers

Hi All,

I started a discussion about "Monitors for 14 x 20 Room" back last November. There was a lot of good advice and Fritz Speakers kept being positively mentioned.

At the time, I thought WAF would be low for a larger sized monitor. Now I think I have the stage set for Fritz speakers and am thinking either new Carreras or Carbons. 

I would prefer an integrated amp because it is one less piece of equipment io place in in a constrained space.

I would also prefer solid state to solid state, in order to have this system as problem free as possible.

Your ideas and suggestions, please 








i have found the david belles amps to be slightly on the bright side of neutral (this is true even for his wonderful sa30 class a unit, which i have kept), a consistent trait/voicing of his products relative to other serious solid state amps such as ayre, pass, hegel, gryphon, boulder

the aria in particular has a certain fine grain and sizzle to the treble... which can be a boon for certain types of speakers with laid back tweeters that overly smooth out the sound

Just for the hell of it

I decided to pair my Fritz Carbons today with a vintage solid state integrated … my 1977 Yamaha CA-2010z, 120 Watts into 8 Ω.

Even though I’ve had this amp I haven’t hooked the two up together before .

Surprisingly smooth and controlled… despite a relatively low damping factor …and still, lots of presence.

If the lovely VU meters are to be trusted , I’m outputting less than 1 watt at more than moderate listening levels (75 dB from my seat)

Fun to get a different presentation from my daily (Alstine SET120)


The specs for the Fritz Carbon state they are 87 dB sensitive, meaning that one watt to one speaker will play at that volume with the measuring microphone 1 meter in front of the speaker in an anechoic chamber. 

So, not surprising that's what your meters show for the listening volume you reported.

All that extra power is for when you listen a lot louder or play music with big dynamic peaks over the average level.

Yes that’s how it works !

fyi, while the 70’s Yamaha sounded great (and fun), I took it out and put the Van Alstine back in.  There’s just a whole order of magnitude of resolution between the two. 
Would love to hear these Carbons with an amp that’s just a smidge brighter… such as the Belles that keeps getting mentioned.

I know people have had success with Pass xa25 or int-25, though I wonder… would those be maybe too soft for Carbons and better suited to the Carreras?

But , my goodness, these speakers really create quite the presentation despite what powers them.  So happy with my purchase from Fritz.