Integrated amplifier for Fritz Speakers

Hi All,

I started a discussion about "Monitors for 14 x 20 Room" back last November. There was a lot of good advice and Fritz Speakers kept being positively mentioned.

At the time, I thought WAF would be low for a larger sized monitor. Now I think I have the stage set for Fritz speakers and am thinking either new Carreras or Carbons. 

I would prefer an integrated amp because it is one less piece of equipment io place in in a constrained space.

I would also prefer solid state to solid state, in order to have this system as problem free as possible.

Your ideas and suggestions, please 








Fritz Carbon SE $2800 + AVA Control SET 120 $1399 — $4199

Fritz Carrera 7 $3800 + Belles Aria $2495 — $6295 


@dsper just re-read your comment about your F7 and Forte IV’s … so surprised to hear that.  Are you generally happy with the First Watt F7 otherwise?


@j_andrews Mixed feelings to be very honest.

It controlled the Forte 12 inch woofer but just made the highs too polite. Very smooth sound, but not what i would characterize as liquid. 

The Forte's can boogie and put you in the room when paired with Don Sachs preamp and amp. YMMV!




also made the tew

Interesting and good to know.

I’ve actually been contemplating an F7 to pair with the Fritzs

Keep us updated on what you decide with the speaker and amp decision