Integrated Amplifier for Raidho XT-2

I'm looking for some recommendations on an integrated for the Raidho XT-2s, running SOTM trifecta stack streamer and Denafrips Terminator DAC. I've heard the Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 with some Spendor D7s and was very impressed with the black background and deep, separated, open sound-stage. Instruments's timbre sounded bang on, the only thing is the voice was not as delicate and emotion filled as I would like.

Also auditioned Vivid B1 Decades with a pair of Jadis monoblocks with MBL preamp and they were amazing. The voice sounded incredibly clear and sultry with every inflection felt through the air, I can feel the lips moving and the intent behind the words. Also the instruments sounded like their materials, like wood, like metal. This was not an integrated and way above my price range, but certainly a reference experience.

I've also heard the Gryphon Diablo 300 with YG and Vivid Kaya 45 and although it had a bold sound, the sound stage, imaging and transparency was a step back from the CS2. 

I have heard the Luxman 509s with the Wilson Sasha DAWs as well as the Ayre AX5-twenty with Wilson Yevette, I wasn't all that impressed by both combo. The Ayre sounded a bit lean and dry, and the Luxman 509 sounded nice but didn't have the depth and black background of the CS2.

Lastly I heard the Luxman 590 with some Paradigm, and they had some great midrange magic, the voices were amazing, however lacking in transparency and bottom control. I already have a SET amp for that.

I was told that Naim Supernait 3 would on par with the performance of the big boys, but haven't heard it.

I think through my journey I've found I value transparency, immediacy, sound stage depth and separation, open sound and in-the-room instrument tonality. What are your recommendations and what am I missing?